Third ETM shoot

On September 3rd I went to Elen, located in Limburg, near the border with Holland.  The purpose was a shoot with models of European Top Models.
The location was nice and varied, with stables, horses, a swimming pool, a hay barn, etc.  With this being one of the few good days in the Belgian summer of 2011, I decided to do all of the shooting outside.  Actually the weather was almost too good for a photoshoot with hot temperatures and very harsh sunlight…
Luckily I brought Eva as my assistant, who helped me by bouncing the sunlight (Yes, I bounce!) or by blocking the harsh sunlight when appropriate.


As there were seven models, I had my work cut out for me.  🙂


Here are some of the highlights:






























































Thanks to all the models, the makeup artists, Linda and Patrick for the great location, ETM for making this possible and Eva for the extra pair of hands without which I couldn’t have done all this!